What's a Clover Flex ?

What's a Clover Flex ?

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Clover® Flex is a mobile device that permits one to consider your POS power to your consumer in a dinner table, kitchen counter, or windowpane. This-in-a single device provides built in functionality to simply accept monthly payments, perform organization, and track revenue, all from your own palm of one's respective hands.

Flex brings numerous benefits:

Straightforward payments and deposit: Clover Flex enables your web visitors compensate you the direction they want—swipe, drop, or faucet debit and bank cards, use gift cards, or funds.
Dependability and efficiency on-the-go: Benefit from the comfort of flexibility with the same durability, features, and design of other Clover gadgets.
Numbers with the ready: Keep close track of company functionality, stock, and more from anyplace, anytime with the cloud-based Clover Dashboard.
Top-notch security: Both you and your clients can relax knowing every transaction is encrypted and more protected with Clover Safety.

Clover Flex is a good standalone program, but it also is the better complement for some Clover Station Duo or Clover Small. You can take requests tableside, blaze them directly to your kitchen, and manage the order in a Station too. You can acquire obligations for just about any order on your entire connected gadgets, so everybody can do what's most convenient for them.

Thinking about interpersonal distancing or having to attain across a nightclub or right in to a car for payment? Look at getting the Flex Extender, a straightforward product with a telescoping deal with that allows you to attain an individual for transaction without needing to get into their personalized place. With creativity, courage, and also the proper mix of Clover POS gadgets, your organization could become a lot more resilient, taking a stand to no real matter what the marketplace place tosses at it. Find out more about how exactly Clover Flex might help your company modify. And, ensure you take a peek at our Satisfy the Service provider testimonies for insights from Clover merchants on growing resilient organizations.

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