What's a Magnet ?

What's a Magnet ?

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An item that is effective at producing magnetic field and attracting unlike poles and repelling like poles.

Properties of Magnet

Following are the essential properties of magnet :

Whenever a magnet is dipped in iron filings, we can observe that the iron filings cling to the end of the magnet while the attraction is maximum at the ends of the magnet. These ends are called poles of the magnets.
Magnetic poles always exist in pairs.
Every time a magnet is suspended freely in mid-air, it always points towards north-south direction. Pole pointing towards geographic north is known as the North Pole and the pole pointing towards geographic south is known as the South Pole.
Like poles repel while unlike poles attract.
The magnetic force between the 2 magnets is greater when the distance between these magnets are lesser.

Kinds of Magnets

You can find three forms of magnets , and they're the following:

Permanent magnet
Temporary magnet

Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnets are those magnets that are commonly used. They're referred to as permanent magnets because they cannot lose their magnetic property once they're magnetized.

Following will be the ways to demagnetize the permanent magnets :

Exposing magnets to extreme temperatures.
The magnetic attraction between the magnet's atoms gets loosened when they are hammered.
Stroking one magnet with the other in a inappropriate manner wil dramatically reduce the magnetic strength.

There are four kinds of permanent magnets :

Ceramic or ferrite
Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)
Neodymium Iron Boron (NIB)

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