StrongU Miner U6 Price Review

StrongU Miner U6 Price Review

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The StrongU miner is the newest addition to the strongu group of products. It is a fully-ASIC-supported device with up to 440 Gh/s of hashing power. The miner will support as much as 23 coins, and its maximum hashrate is 660 Gh/s. With a power consumption around 2200 watts, the STU-U6 features a high profit margin in comparison to its predecessor, but it isn't the absolute most efficient miner available.

The STU-U6 is a powerful mining machine, capable of hashing as much as 660 Gh/s. It supports X11 hashing algorithms and features a built-in power unit. This model also features Dash support and a hash rate of 19GH/s. It can be used to mine typically the most popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The STU-U6 is just a powerful X11 mining machine that may be operated employing a USB connection. It could support Boolberry and Enigma (EN) and Dash. The unit can run at a power usage of approximately 2100 watts. The STU-U6 is suitable for a variety of X11 algorithms, including Boolberry and WeAreSatoshi.

The StrongU STU-U6 algorithm has a plus over other proven hashing algorithms, because it requires less capacity to run. The STU-U6 features a maximum hashrate of 440GH/s. This algorithm helps in preventing ASIC miners. It can also be more efficient, since it keeps the units cooler. However, this method is never as popular since the Dash mining software.

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